Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Truly yours

Good evening beautiful,

I know I haven't spoken for a while, maybe out of fear, maybe out of regret, maybe... because I still can't overcome what leaving you have done to me.

I remember that cursed last day: your honey glazed eyes looking down, telling me that you have to... there is no other option, leaving is the only way. My palm on your silky skin, my eyes struggling to keep themselves from crying, reading your lips partially struck partially amazed... I will never see them pieces of heaven speaking to me... ever.
It was a little past 5 p.m: sunlight was highlighting your hair while April's wind made it gently caresse your blushing cheeks. You asked for what I was thinking about... I started mumbling words of encouragement and trying as hard as I can not to be mad... Being supportive has never been so hard.

Rage was bursting inside me for I had years to come planned, I made your smile my mission, your happiness my duty, your eyes my shining beacon of hope.
And now you leave me an empty vessel... took my heart so no other can have it.

Wherever you are: I sincerely hope your smile is still as shining as I can remember. I hope you'll find someone who treats you like the jewel you are, protects you as viciously as he can, and holds you as passionately as possible.
For I know I would have... if I could
Be safe, Be well, Be loved, Be happy


The shell of a once lover

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